The Health Benefits of Back Massage: Relieving Pain, Treating Back Conditions, and Enhancing Quality of Life




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Back massage has numerous health benefits for individuals, including alleviating body aches and fatigue, treating back pain, and improving the overall quality of life for patients. At LEE SPA & MASSAGE, we offer back massage services that stimulate acupuncture points and subcutaneous tissues in this area, promoting blood circulation and increasing flexibility throughout the body. Our aim is to provide our valued customers with a sense of relaxation, reducing joint and bone pain.

What is Back Massage?
The back is a crucial area that contains various important acupuncture points, such as Daitu, Mengmen, Yidu, and Shendu. Additionally, the back houses numerous spinal nerves that control body movements, cardiovascular functions, and other internal organs. Therefore, back massage stimulates acupuncture points and subcutaneous tissues in this area, promoting blood circulation and increasing flexibility throughout the body.

Relieving Back Pain Symptoms
The process of back massage warms up the body, specifically the lower back area, which helps relax the muscles and enhances blood flow and circulation. This effectively reduces pain by increasing the flexibility of the spinal nerves.

Improving Flexibility and Range of Motion in Joints and Muscles
The acupuncture-based back massage technique promotes soft tissue relaxation, allowing the joints and surrounding ligaments to release any tension or compression. This results in improved joint elasticity, increased synovial fluid secretion, and enhanced joint mobility.

Who Should Get Back Massage?
Individuals with frequent back or neck pain and stiffness: Massage helps rapidly reduce pain in the affected areas.
Individuals with muscle stiffness: Massage helps relax the muscles and reduce stiffness and fibrosis.
Patients displaying signs of stress or experiencing symptoms related to headaches, migraines, etc.: By relieving nerve compression and reducing pain, back massage can improve overall nervous system health. This promotes a sense of comfort and enhances vitality in daily life.

Contraindications for Back Massage:

Individuals with congestive heart failure or kidney failure.
Individuals with malignant conditions.
Individuals with a tendency to bleed easily.
Pregnant women – please contact LEE SPA & MASSAGE for specific advice and consultation.
Avoid applying pressure or massage on areas susceptible to injury.
Using massage techniques on the aforementioned individuals can pose risks and worsen their medical conditions. Examples include rupturing or damaging blood vessels, increasing inflammation, exacerbating pain, or having adverse effects on the fetus.

What Makes Back Massage at LEE SPA & MASSAGE Special
Diverse range of massage services tailored to suit individual health conditions.
Relaxing ambiance with soothing music and cozy, elegant design. The use of natural essential oils enhances the client’s relaxation and serenity.
Experienced and highly skilled therapists who undergo rigorous training and certification.
Modern facilities with specialized massage rooms including single, double, triple, and group rooms.
Utilization of precious herbal ingredients readily available in nature for high therapeutic effectiveness.
LEE SPA & MASSAGE always listens and values customer feedback and experiences.
Healthy and nourishing food, herbal remedies, and refreshing beverages.


  • The Process of Back Massage
  • Step 1: Warm-cold shower to cleanse the body.
  • Step 2: Red Dao wood bath: alleviates fatigue, relieves back pain, and treats sciatica.
  • Step 3: Herbal soaking bath with ingredients like angelica, wormwood, and citrus peel: firms the body, reduces inflammation, and calms the mind.
  • Step 4: Dry sauna, wet sauna, and ginger foot soak: detoxifies the body, boosts immunity, and relieves common cold symptoms.
  • Step 5: Medicinal water rinsing bath: warms the body, guards against infections, and stimulates body regulation.
  • Step 6: Therapeutic massage performed by skilled and dedicated therapists.
  • Please note that the specific procedures may vary based on individual factors, chosen service packages, and the client’s health condition. For personalized advice, please contact our LEE SPA & MASSAGE consultants directly!

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