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For many adults, happiness can often be found in discovering a serene and unfamiliar sanctuary, a place where they can experience the essence of contentment. At Lada’s House, you will find your own answers.

Gazing upon Lada’s House, an extraordinary dwelling nestled in the heart of Da Nang, is truly captivating. Located at 58A Hoang Van Thu Street, just a minute’s walk from the Dragon Bridge, Lada’s House embodies the distinctive elements of Scandinavian design from Northern Europe. The moment you step in, you’re welcomed by modern white walls adorned with exquisite touches.

The blend of earthy tones from the carpet, cushioned chairs, and gray backdrop creates a warm and rustic ambiance for the house. Visiting Lada’s is akin to stepping into the dream home you’ve always envisioned. What’s more, the presence of lush green monstera, snake plants, and Singaporean maple leaves infuses the space with vibrancy and the vitality of nature.


The Standard Studio at Lada’s House directs you towards a minimalistic, yet sufficient lifestyle. Every corner of the room maximizes space, featuring cozy and simplified furnishings. Upon entering, you instantly grasp the concept of the right number of items, carefully chosen for their quality rather than quantity, each becoming a part of your vacation memories. Unlike getting lost in a vast expanse, the Standard Studio lets you truly immerse yourself in your private sanctuary, fostering introspection and self-experience.

Standard Studio amenities:

Area: 25m² Bed: 1.6m x 2m Standing bathtub Full furnishings (no kitchen)

The Deluxe Studio enhances your experience with a more spacious room. Particularly enticing is the open balcony design, offering the deliberation for a relaxing vacation, bathed in light and the breath of nature.

Deluxe Studio amenities:

Area: 35m² Bed: 1.6m x 2m Standing bathtub Full furnishings (no kitchen)

Facing difficulty in finding an adequate hideaway for your group of 4-5 people? Beyond providing a supremely chill resting place, Lada’s also offers thoughtfully designed apartment-style rooms, where the living room seamlessly connects with the kitchen, providing space for gatherings with friends.

Two separate bedrooms with expansive window views Living room connected to the kitchen space Convenient and complete furnishings Relaxing bathtub for shedding the fatigue of the day

Imagine waking up in the loft room, strolling around a pool in the morning light, and beginning your day with a cup of coffee amid stories of Scandinavian design, minimalist living, and your own memories in Da Nang!

Must-try Experiences at Lada’s House – The Central Da Nang Boutique Hotel


In addition to the meticulously prepared rooms at Lada’s House, you can also freely enjoy your vacation in communal areas designated for Lada’s guests:

Savor coffee and drinks at the Café & Bar on the 4th floor Witness the evening sunset on the breezy rooftop

Situated in the city center, Lada’s House caters to both adventurous wanderers and those who love to indulge their appetites. The residence lies right at the heart of Da Nang, making it convenient for you to leisurely explore:

Vibrant culinary areas, including local markets, street food stalls, breakfast spots, and Da Nang specialties within a 2km radius Just a 2km distance from the airport or train station Tourist attractions like the Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, My Khe Beach, and museums are all within a 1km radius, easily reachable on foot Famous local dishes like bánh xèo (Vietnamese savory crepes), mì quảng (a regional noodle dish), and street snacks are introduced by Lada’s at the front desk.


A genuine vacation always requires a space and time where you can truly rest and regain control of your own rhythm. Knock on Lada’s House – the boutique hotel in the heart of Da Nang – to experience a minimalist lifestyle and happiness akin to Northern European living.


About Lada’s House – The Central Da Nang Boutique Hotel

58A Hoang Van Thu, Da Nang

Hotline: 0236 356 2021/ 0983769079

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