Explore Han River Bridge In Da Nang, all you need to know-min

Explore Han River Bridge In Da Nang, all you need to know


Han River Bridge is the most famous bridge in Da Nang City, Vietnam. Danang lies on the west side of the Han River and the beaches are to the east. Constructed in 1997, the Han River Bridge was the first swing bridge built by Vietnamese architects and workers. This makes it a symbol of the city’s emergence and the vitality of Danang’s people. Locals enjoy watching the bridge as it lights up brightly at night and swings from 11:00pm every weekend.

  • Address: Le Duan street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Explore Han River Bridge In Da Nang, all you need to know before you go

Vietnam’s first swing bridge is not only a vital transportation link, but also a modern architectural and artistic masterpiece.

Stroll along the spectacular Han River Bridge in the evening to be dazzled by its glowing neon beams. Walk along the river to find the perfect spot for a photo of the unusual architectural forms or use the bridge to leave the city and access the golden beaches of the east coast.

Building of the Han River Bridge began in 1997 and it was finished 3 years later. The project was notable as it was largely funded by residents of Da Nang who wanted a quicker way to access the hotels and resorts of the Son Tra Peninsula.

The best way to appreciate the splendid design features of the Han River Bridge is to cross it on foot. Slowly walk the 1,594-foot (486-meter) crossing and you will see metal beams rising diagonally above the central point forming the shape of a tree. For a different view, follow the walking path along either side of the river.

Be sure to return after dark when the bridge is illuminated with bright neon colors, with its reflection shimmering on the dark water below.

Come back to the area later in the evening to see the bridge’s rotating mechanism in action. For a few hours during the middle of the night, the bridge turns on its axis to allow ships to pass by.

Despite the construction of the newer Dragon Bridge, in 2013, the Han River Bridge remains a major hub for locals and travelers going between the city and the coast. Take a short drive east of the bridge to reach the soft sand and warm blue-green waters of Pham Van Dong Beach. For something more urban, experience superb shopping and entertainment in the heart of Da Nang.

The Han River Bridge is located on the northeast side of the city, a 15-minute drive from the beautiful Son Tra Peninsula.

Why Han River Bridge is special ?

  • Han River Bridge is the first swing one in Vietnam. This is the great pride of Danang people. The Han River Bridge – the symbol for new vitality and the developing desire of the City – was built with the contribution of the entire City’s people.
  • It seems that all poetic features of the Han River can be only expressed deeply in the space of Han River bridge with full of wind and ventilation. It not only facilitates transport and potential for tourism, wakes economic prospects of a vast area in the eastern City but is a cultural spot of Danang people today left behind for the future generations.
  • Han River Bridge is 487.7m long, 11.9m wide, includes 11 spans with 33m long each.

What to explore at Han River Bridge?

  • At midnight (23.00) every weekend, with a running time of about 15 – 20 minutes. Traffic is stopped from crossing the Song Han Bridge and it swings on its axis to allow shipping traffic to pass along the river.
  • Some travellers said that travel to Da Nang, do not look for filming and photography to record the moment for filming, was not meant to Da Nang. So when you travel to Da Nang, you witness and record the exciting moments of filming it this bridge.
  • Life in the bustling banks of the Han River, day and night, many modern services ready to meet tourists. Currently, travelling by boat on the Han River are popular recreational services.
  • The City has added several new bridges cross the Han River. However, the bridge will not have any more feelings created for the people of the City as to what brought the Han River Bridge.

How to get to Han River Bridge?

The suggested vehicles to come to Han River Bridge include motorbike, bike, car, taxi, cyclo.

  • By motorbike from Hoi An: If you want to ride your bike from Hoi An, so go to the traffic light near An Bang beach first, then turn left, keep riding about 20 km along the beach to see Pham Van Dong Street on your left hand. You go on that street to get there. It takes about 45 minutes.
  • Walking: If you are in Han market, it is very easy for you to come to Han River Bridge just by walking. You go straight on Bach Dang Street and turn left at Indovina Bank- Da Nang Branch. Then you turn right on Tran Phu Street to see Le Duan Street. You turn right on that street to get there. It takes about 10 minutes by walking.

Han River Bridge Reviews

  • Gorgeous Bridge
  • One of the most famous bridges in Da Nang
  • The Home of love
  • Coolest bridge in Viet Nam
  • Super cool, don’t miss it

Travel tips

  • You will have interesting experience if you travel on the bridge by cycle
  • From Han River Bridge, you can walk along Bach Dang Street to enjoy the beauty of Da Nang at night

And Top 3 Famous Bridges in Danang You Must Visit



This concrete cable-stayed bridge is a significant landmark of Danang. The colors of the bridge’s elegant pylon and deck change at night, creating an iconic, eye-catching landmark in the city every evening. The bridge is also an ideal place for tourists and residents to take photos when the sun sets.



Built in 2009, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the longest cable-stayed suspension bridge in Vietnam. Based on the concept of the wind heading to the sea, the 1,850- meter-long, three-span bridge occupies a special position where the lower Han River flows into the East Sea. It also creates a continuous coastal route from Hai Van to the Son Tra Peninsula.


Dragon Bridge in Da Nang-min

Opened 2013, the Dragon Bridge is a new and iconic symbol of Danang, located in the heart of the city. Showcasing the city’s rise, the bridge has quickly become a favorite of residents and visitors alike. Every weekend at 9:00pm, the dragon breathes fire and water, creating a fantastic photo opportunity and tourist attraction for the city.

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go


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