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If you’re a food enthusiast searching for a new culinary journey, look no further than Da Nang’s vibrant street food scene. It’s a paradise for food lovers, showcasing the best of Vietnam’s gastronomic heritage. Both locals and tourists agree that Da Nang’s street food stands out among Vietnam’s culinary offerings.

Understanding Street Food in Da Nang

Da Nang offers an exceptional treat for every palate. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, mild or spicy, the city’s food vendors cater to your every craving. Indulge in the delightful sizzle of Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancakes) or savor the aromatic pleasure of lemongrass-infused Nem Lui (lemongrass pork skewers). Da Nang’s street food is a feast for the senses. Grab a plastic stool, join a table, and immerse yourself in the best street food experience Vietnam has to offer.

Eating on the Street

Eating street food in Da Nang is a unique experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Most vendors set up on the sidewalks or in small food stalls, meaning you’ll be enjoying your food while standing or sitting on small plastic stools. Don’t hesitate to try the local specialties – just be prepared to get a little messy!

Food Safety

While street food in Da Nang is generally safe, it’s important to take precautions to avoid getting sick. Look for busy stalls with a high turnover of food, indicating that the food is fresh and hasn’t been sitting out for too long. Avoid eating raw or undercooked meats, and make sure fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed before consumption.

What to Try

Da Nang offers a wide variety of street food dishes, each with its own unique flavors and textures. Here are some must-try dishes:

  • Mi Quang: A noodle dish topped with shrimp, pork, peanuts, and herbs.
  • Banh Xeo: A crispy pancake filled with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts.
  • Bun Cha Ca: A fishcake noodle soup with vermicelli noodles in a hearty fish and vegetable broth.
  • Banh Mi: A Vietnamese sandwich filled with various meats, vegetables, and sauces.


Exploring Da Nang’s street food scene is a must-do activity for food lovers. By following basic food safety tips and trying some local specialties, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable and delicious culinary experience.

Top Street Food Dishes in Da Nang

Da Nang offers an abundance of mouthwatering street food options. Here are some of our favorite dishes that you must try:

Mi Quang

Mi Quang is a noodle dish from Quang Nam Province, located south of Da Nang. It features thick rice noodles topped with shrimp, pork, chicken, herbs, peanuts, and crispy rice crackers. The broth, made with turmeric, is slightly sweet and savory. This dish is perfect for those who appreciate a little crunch in their noodles.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a crispy pancake made with rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk. It’s typically filled with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts, folded in half, and served with lettuce and herbs. The pancake is fried until crispy and golden brown, then cut into bite-sized pieces. Banh Xeo is a delightful combination of textures and flavors.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich made with a crispy baguette filled with various meats such as pork, chicken, and pate. It’s also packed with pickled vegetables, cilantro, and chili peppers. The sandwich is typically served with soy sauce or mayonnaise. Banh Mi offers a delightful blend of savory and spicy flavors.

Bun Cha Ca

Bun Cha Ca is a fish cake noodle soup that is a signature dish of Da Nang. It features a rich fish broth served with thick vermicelli noodles, fish cakes, and a variety of herbs. This dish is perfect for seafood enthusiasts who enjoy a flavorful and hearty soup.

Da Nang is a food lover’s paradise, and these dishes are just a taste of what the city has to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to try these culinary delights and explore the numerous other delicious options.

Popular Street Food Areas in Da Nang

Da Nang is famous for its street food culture, and there are several areas where you can find delicious local dishes. Here are some of the most popular street food areas in Da Nang:

Con Market

Con Market is a bustling market offering a wide range of local specialties. From fresh seafood to traditional Vietnamese dishes like banh mi and bun cha ca, you’ll find a plethora of delicious options. Don’t forget to try che and banh flan for some tasty desserts.

Han Market

Han Market is another popular spot for street food in Da Nang. This market is divided into different sections, and the food section is located on the second floor. You’ll find banh xeo, banh beo, banh bot loc, and more. Han Market is a great place to experience local culture and indulge in delicious food.

Son Tra Night Market

For a night market experience, head to Son Tra Night Market. This vibrant market opens in the evening and stays open late into the night. You’ll find a variety of food stalls offering grilled seafood, traditional Vietnamese dishes, and more. Don’t miss out on banh canh, bun mam, and com tam.

These street food areas are just a few of the many places where you can find delicious local dishes in Da Nang. Whether you’re in search of a quick snack or a full meal, Da Nang has something to satisfy every craving.

Tips for Street Food in Da Nang

To ensure a safe and enjoyable street food experience in Da Nang, keep the following tips in mind:

Food Safety

  • Look for vendors with high food turnover to ensure freshness.
  • Avoid food that looks like it has been sitting out for too long.
  • Check for clean utensils and high cooking temperatures.
  • Be cautious with raw or undercooked food, especially meats and seafood.

Price Negotiation

It’s common to negotiate prices for street food in Da Nang. Follow these tips for a fair price:

  • Ask locals for the going rate.
  • Start with a lower price and negotiate from there.
  • Always be respectful and polite during negotiations.

Cultural Etiquette

Respecting cultural norms is crucial when enjoying street food in Da Nang:

  • Use chopsticks to eat.
  • Avoid wasting food.
  • Don’t point with chopsticks or leave them sticking out of your food.
  • Refrain from blowing your nose at the table.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can enjoy the delicious street food in Da Nang while staying safe and respecting the local culture.


Da Nang is a street food paradise that every food lover should explore. With its diverse and delicious offerings, it’s hard to pick just a few favorites. Mi Quang, Banh Xeo, Banh Mi, and Bun Cha Ca are just a taste of the culinary wonders awaiting you. Embark on a gastronomic adventure and create your own list of must-try dishes in this food lover’s haven. Happy eating!

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