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Ba Na Hills Da Nang: Experience From A to Z before You Go


Exploring Ba Na Hills is one of the most visually exciting and confusing parts of traveling through Vietnam. Have you heard of Ba Na Hills in Da Nang City – the most livable city of Vietnam? Not matter if you have known about this entertainment paradise, the most amazing points listed here will wow you so much, and more than that, are absolutely great for your Vietnam tour and holiday. Let’s explore now!

Ba Na Hills Da Nang Overview

Located 25 km to the southwest of Da Nang at an altitude of 1.487m, Ba Na Hills are considered as “One temperate place in the tropical forest” because the climate is cool all the year round and you can enjoy four seasons within a single day. With the world’s longest single cable car system and amazing scenery from the sky, beautiful old French village, Wax Museum, many adventure games  and especially the amazing Golden Bridge, Ba Na hills is always a very attractive place for both domestic and foreign tourists

Bana Hills perches on the top of Chua Mountain at the altitude of 1,487 m above sea level and is located in Truong Son Mountain range, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, 25km to the southwest of Da Nang City. Ba Na has been famous for the stimulating amusement park, elegant resorts, attractions, and fantastic landscapes for a time, so it has appealed to a large number of visitors each year.

Additionally, with the average temperature of 62.6 – 68°F, there are four seasons occurring to Ba Na Hills for each day, making it actually great for anyone to experience a day trip: a warm morning like Spring, a hot noon like Summer, an afternoon like Autumn, and a cold night like Winter. As for the scenery in the peak, romantic mountainous forests with green pine emerge as a natural masterpiece, and this enthralling painting is more remarkable in glamorous former French resorts constructed in the 1920s.

Explore the Ba Na Hills with a small group and guide during this 8-hour tour from Da Nang. Visit area highlights such as the Man Tha fishing village, Vong Nguyet Hill, the Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden, Linh Ung Pagoda, and others. Lunch, cable car ride, and round-trip transportation from Da Nang city hotels included.

  • 8-hour tour into the Ba Na Hills from Da Nang
  • Small group of 15 people or fewer
  • Ride on the hiking cable car
  • Visit area highlights and landmarks with your guide
  • Escape the heat up in the mountains
  • Round-trip transportation from Da Nang hotels
  • Traditional Vietnamese lunch

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How To Have A Wonderful Day At Ba Na Hills – A Complete Guide to Ba Na Hills

With a stunning mountain view, Ba Na Hills has become a popular destination in Vietnam among the local as well as foreigners. Visiting Ba Na Hills, you not only enjoy nice landscape and great atmosphere but also participate in various entertainments.

Planning Your Trip

Ba Na hills is located roughly 40 minutes from central Da Nang. Strangely enough, it’s a bit of an issue to find the correct location using Google Maps – if you type in “Ba Na hills” Google likely shows the actual resort at the top, but you want to go to the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. However it worked when I typed in “Ba Na Cable Car Service Parking Lot” in Google Maps.

As far as I know, there’s no public transportation to Ba Na hills. And even if it does, it makes little sense since there are far better options to get there. In my opinion, the following transportation options are the best way to get to Ba Na hills:

  1. Using your own motorbike, which is the most fun and flexible transportation option.
  2. Have your hotel arrange the transportation. Our hotel (Titan) could arrange a car with driver for 300k VND one way.
  3. Take a taxi or Grab/Uber. We used Uber and paid 300k VND to get there, and 200k VND for the return trip.

When you arrive, the ticket booths for individual visitors is on the right side, and the ticket booths for tour groups is on the left. At the time of my visit, the price for a ticket was 650k VND. This gives you entrance to the cable cars plus pretty much everything else. The only thing we had to pay extra for was the wax museum.

How much is the ticket at Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills ticket price includes entry ticket to the complex with the ticket for cable cars  for both way. The price shown is already included 10% of VAT

  • Ba Na Hills Ticket price for Adult: 700 000 VND
  • Ba Na Hills Ticket price for Children: 550 000 VND

Where to buy Ba Na Hills tickets

You can purchase directly at ticket booths or kiosks on Ba Na Hills.

  • Direct purchases at automatic ticket booths and kiosks on Ba Na Hills
  • Online booking via website
  • Purchase through travel agencies


  • Fares include most games in Fantasy Park: 105 games and the Legendary Knight (tube slide); Hiking train to Debay Wine Cellar and entry to Le Jardin D’Amour gardens.
  • Fares exclude entry to the Wax Museum: VND 100,000/grown-up, Teddy bear grips and Fantasy Park indoor sports.

How to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang?

Da Nang is well-connected with other places in Vietnam with domestic flights or train from Hanoi, Hue, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh city.

From Da Nang Airport, you can book private transfer to Ba Na Hills.

You can also sign up for Ba Na Hills Day trip from Da Nang. It is better to visit Ba Na Hills in the morning and leave all your belongings in your accommodation in Da Nang.

What to see in Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort

  • In the early 20th century, some resorts in Ba Na were built in order to serve French soldiers, and through many decades, what we still find nowadays is the ruins of those buildings among the mountainous region. With the new investment, there are today various elegant and splendid villas and hotels emerging in the so-called Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort with divided zones, such as Ba Na by night, Le Nim, Hoang Lan Villa, etc.
  • Hiding itself in the thick layer of fog in the early morning, Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort gets more fanciful in eyes of anyone witnessing the scenery in this moment. Especially, this majestic beauty is actually the ideal background for ancient French and traditional architectural structures of hotels, bungalows, and villas.

Golden Bridge

  • The image of a yellow bridge supported by giant hands only appeared on social networks not long ago but immediately attracts the community.
  • Located in the middle of the mountain, the bridge is designed to look soft and charming, with the entire bridge covered with a magnificent yellow.
  • From the distance, the bridge is like a silk strip floating in white clouds. What makes the bridge more special is the huge supporting hand.
  • Standing on the bridge, a majestic natural landscape will appear in front of you with white clouds and mountains.

Cable car

  • Located at the peak of Chua Mountain, the only way to reach Ba Na Hills is via cable car. Ba Na Hills’ cable car system is one of the most impressive ten cable car lines in all over the world, so it is an attraction itself.
  • The fee for cable car is already included in your ticket.

Le Jardin d’Amour

  • When you arrive at the station, take a walk to Le Jardin d’Amour to enjoy the beauty of flowers and statues.
  • There are various type of flowers in Le Jardin d’Amour

Mo Stream

  • It is worth making a trip to Mo Stream as this marvel is endowed with romantic and miraculous spectacles. The recommendation for you is to add this attraction to your mountain trekking in a Vietnam tour and holiday to Da Nang.
  • It is easy to realize the most outstanding element is formed from the harmony of sky, stream, rocks, cliffs, trees, and water, creating an extremely beautiful natural painting.

Linh Ung Temple

  • There are 3 Linh Ung temples in Da Nang, and you can find one here at Ba Na Hills.

Debay Ancient Wine Cellar

  • Situated in the proximity of the Shakyamuni Statue, Debay Wine Cellar built in 1923 is also an attraction deserving to visit in Ba Na Hills, Da Nang City for your Vietnam tour and holiday. It is where you can discover grape wines in abundance.
  • Especially, there is a luxurious entertainment zone offering stocked bar with cocktails, grape wines, light snacks, and wine vintages. Let your imagination free to think about the warm ambiance surrounded by dozens of wine types and their scent. It is awesome!
  • In addition to the outstanding points of Ba Na Hills in Da Nang City, there are Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden, Wax Museum, French Village, Linh Phong Tu Tower, Bell Tower, etc. To get full experience of Vietnam tour and holiday in which Da Nang City is one of your stops, it is highly advised that you do not miss those great spots.
  • The French discovered Ba Na Hills area and built several works such as hotels, swimming pools, etc. However, everything was mostly destroyed during the war, and only Debay Ancient Wine Cellar was left. This place was built by French architects and was dug deep inside the mountain in 1923.

Ba Na hills French Village

  • After that, you can take a short cable ride to the top of the mountain. You can enjoy the lunch at any restaurants, then start exploring the French village.

The Fantasy Park

  • Referred to as the recreation paradise for all people at all ages, Fantasy Park features soothing games for children, arcade adventure, thrill and action types for adults, and other entertaining activities. Another plus point for the international-standard theme park is that it also comprises food booths where you can find both Orient and Occident cuisines; it is difficult to resist tasting the culinary delights here. If wishing to get a few souvenirs for your family and friends, just walk toward cute shops nearby.
  • After visiting the French village, you should visit amusement park. There are 3 underground floors for games, and they are always crowded. There are lots of free games, but the queue is very long to get in. You can also enjoy the massages on the 2nd floor.

What to eat in Ba Na Hills?

  • There are plenty of restaurants and food stands in Ba Na Hills. Price for meals at Ba Na Hills depends on your choice of cuisine. Restaurants are priced from affordable to high-end (ranging from 50,000 VND / person – 350,000 VND / person).

Things to bring while visiting Ba Na Hills

  • If you visit Ba Na hills in the summer, you should buy some suncream and a hat. Also, packing light and have a good pair of shoes are recommended.

Where to Stay in Ba Na Hills

  • If you want to explore Ba Na Hills in solitude and quiet, you’d have to stay overnight. Most people here come with the tours, which finishes at around 5 or 6 in the evening.
  • So the ideal means of exploring Ba Na Hills is to stay here overnight. Unfortunately, Ba Na Hills doesn’t have any hostels or cheap hotels. As such, you’ll have to choose between one of several expensive luxury hotels.
  • The best luxury hotel in Ba Na Hills is Mercure Da Nang French Village. It’s centrally located, has some great views of the town, and is designed in a manner that goes along with the French medieval vibe of the whole town. They also have a fitness center and barbecue facilities.

Best Time to Visit BaNa Hills

The best time for exploring BaNa Hills is probably during the “Bestival Festival.” It’s a beer-drinking festival that goes on from the 1st of August to the 3rd of September.

Other than the beer drinking, the festival also sees a lot of street performances, held every 30 minutes. I got to witness one which started off as a Star Wars inspired skit, followed by a pop medley.

However, since this is a festival during peak Summer, it’s also the busiest time.

If you would rather explore BaNa Hills in (relative) solitude, and don’t care for the festivities, go during the winters.

Ba Na Hills Tour

Many people book Ba Na Hills tour so it’s more convenient. A tour normally includes:

  • Transfers and transportation as per description
  • Entrance fees
  • Cable car ride
  • Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • English-speaking tour guide (other languages available on request)
  • Travel insurance

Good points:

  • Do not need to line up to buy a ticket
  • Know the way to get to the fastest cable car
  • Save money
  • Lunch is included

Bad points:

  • Transportation: Because it was a tour, the bus driver drove around the city to pick up all the passengers.
  • Limited time: You need to follow the time the tour guide listed.
  • Food: A lunch buffet was not good in my opinion. There were not many choices, and the dishes were not delicious. However, it depends on each tour because there are many restaurants.

In brief, having a tour guide is much easier if you go on a vacation with your family. However, if you want to have more freedom, it’s better to consider going alone. It was tiring for my family to go after the whole group and could not spend much time exploring.

Tips to enjoy the best of Ba Na Hills:

  • Bring light: You need to walk a lot so it’s better to bring at least at you can.
  • Clothes: It’s not too cold on the top of Ba Na Hills, so you only need to bring a light coat or jacket.
  • Shoes: You should wear comfortable shoes or slippers because you’ll need to walk a lot.
  • Ticket: You should book the ticket in advance because the ticket line is very long.
  • Time: It’s better to get there early from 8 am. It helps shorten the time waiting for the cable cars.
  • Don’t go in the summer or Vietnamese national holidays: It’s full of tourist. There are 10 000 – 20 000 people per day, so you will be stuck in the flow of people and cannot enjoy anything.

Is Ba Na Hills worth a visit?

Locals say if you haven’t visited Ba Na Hills, you haven’t visited Da Nang.

However, if you are familiar with Europe and want something different, Ba Na Hills may be not your cup of tea.

If you want to see the mixture between European architecture and Vietnamese temple, also hiding from the hot of Vietnam, don’t hesitate and just go! After taking a tour, I recommend going alone to explore freely.

Hope you will have a great time at Ba Na Hills -:)

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