About us

Da Nang Reviews is information channel about Da Nang City to help people reviewing, sharing products and services by users and customers’ experience. So we hope it brings much more valuable information when you are planning to travel/business, booking, shoppin… in Da Nang

How We Find the Best of Everything

Our goal is to match you with the products and services that will fit seamlessly into your unique life. That’s why we review whole categories, not individual products. We take an exhaustive approach, analyzing scientific studies, lab results, historical trends, and user experiences — and often trying out the product or service ourselves.

We get input from the right people

We’re not experts in the industries we’re reviewing, meaning we’re not cosmetic chemists, or dog food formulators, or investment bankers. We’re writers and researchers on a mission we take extremely seriously. So we ask the people who are experts to help us find our way. (We also read a lot of customer reviews to see what they may have missed.)

We also keep our reviews updated

A good review is never finished. Our research is ongoing, and we strive to keep our content updated by reviewing new products, keeping an eye on product recalls, and calling out emerging trends.

Our business hinges on credibility and how useful each review is to you. We promise to tell the story of what we’ve found in a way that’s worth your time, so you can get what you need and get on with your day.

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